Efficient Installations of Traditional and Liquid Screed in Milton Keynes

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Here at Screed It, we consistently aim to provide top quality screed products across the nation, so we are always ready and prepared to offer our professional services when we’re called to supply and install traditional and liquid screed in Milton Keynes. We have had years of experience in carrying out work in the MK1-15, MK17 and MK19 postcode areas, and we will know exactly what your project needs to be complete.

We can be there at a time and date that suits your needs best, so give us a call or send us an email in order to place an order and arrange a delivery day. Our specialist contractors will soon be on their way to help move your project forward.

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What is Floor Screed?

Floor screed is a material usually made from a compound of cement, fine aggregates and sharp sands. This gives it qualities which resemble cement or concrete, and it is just as often used in construction. It’s most often used for flooring, normally as a layer that is then added to a concrete subfloor. It can also be used as a regular floor finish for certain building structures, including factories, warehouses and even some larger dwellings.

The Benefits of Floor Screeding in Milton Keynes

There may be a question in your mind about how your project will benefit from using traditional or liquid screed for your project in Milton Keynes, and there are a number of answers to this that we can explain for you. It may be argued that the most important benefit to using screed for your floors is the smooth, more level finish it will provide for your building work or renovation. In comparison to concrete or cement, screeded floors are noted to level out more evenly, making them suitable as a base for any further flooring work you have planned. As such, screeding can be an ideal subfloor or underlayment if you are planning to put down tiles, carpeting or even floorboards.

If you are planning on leaving the screed exposed for an industrial or commercial property, you may also discover a practical advantage because the level finish minimises the risk of accidents. The compound’s mix also reduces the possibility of shrinkage and retains a heightened imperishability, meaning your floor will be less likely to crack or curl. In turn, this also means floor screeding is better value-for-money, as it will not require as much maintenance and should stay in perfect condition for many years to come. Its smooth surface also makes it easy to clean.

All screed types make fantastic conductors of heat, as they don’t leave gaps or air pockets in floors when they are installed. This often means they will be installed alongside underfloor heating systems, in order to make the most of the possible heat transfer. We are also more than prepared and equipped to install underfloor heating alongside your screed, so if this is something you would like, please get in touch with us.

We are also more than capable of installing underfloor heating systems as a feature with your screed flooring, so if this is something you are interested in for any planned properties or renovation work, please let us know when you get in touch with us to place your order.

How We Screed Your Floors

We offer two screed products for floors, both of which are high in quality and can be utilised in multiple ways. One may be more suitable for your project than the other, however, and each offer their own unique beneficial qualities and features. Because of this, we’d highly recommend considering both carefully before choosing between traditional and liquid screed in Milton Keynes. 

How we will screed your floor depends on which product you choose for your building project.

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Traditional Screed

Traditional screed is also commonly called “dry screed”, and consists of a calculated mix of sand and cement, most often in a ratio of 3 to 5 parts sharp sands and 1 part cement, alongside water. Our team will lay the screed by hand, separating your allocated floorspace into evenly sized sections before the material is applied. A screed bar or rail will then be used to smooth out the surface, making it level and getting it ready for use.

In most cases, a traditional screed floor will have a drying time of five days or a week, with the end result being a completely flat, hard-wearing floor that can withstand high levels of foot traffic. Its qualities and simple design also ensure that it will remain easy to clean and maintain after installation.

Liquid Screed

This type of screed is also known as “flowing screed” or “flow screed”, and is a more recent invention in comparison to traditional sand and cement varieties. It’s also rapidly becoming more popular, as it can be quickly brought to any building site or location and poured directly into the space you have designated. After this, the self-levelling and self-compacting nature of the material means it will harden and level out on its own. This creates a completely flat, durable surface for your flooring finish. Once you’ve ordered liquid screed in Milton Keynes, all our team will need to do is deliver the material and pour it out for you, with the screed doing the rest.

Liquid screed will often be ready to walk on within 24 to 48 hours of its installation, but has an overall drying time of about 40 days. As it is ready for use within half the time it would have taken traditional screed, it’s often considered a faster, more efficient and cost-effective option for building work. This is because you will be able to use the floor and access all parts of the structure, giving you more time to work on the rest of your project.

The Cost of Floor Screeding in Milton Keynes

The cost of installing any type of floor screed in Milton Keynes will differ between projects, depending on several different factors. To give an example, the size of the area you are intending to screed will affect the price. If you intend to have floor heating, the cost of an underfloor heating system will also be added into the overall estimate. For these reasons, we cannot offer a set price for the cost of floor screeding in the town or its surrounding areas.

However, there is no need to worry about what this may mean for your budget, as we have a free, online quick quote system for our customers to use. To use this feature, all you need to do is put in the specifications you have for your work project and leave your details with us. One of our expert team members will then look at each part of what you have planned, before coming back to you with a quote for what you will need

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We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality services, wherever they’re located in the UK. This is why we’ll do everything we can to get your traditional or liquid screed installed exactly as you need it in Milton Keynes. Contact us today and one of our team members will be glad to discuss your specifications with you, helping you move on to the next stage of your work project before you even know it.