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At Screed It, we are proud to serve as top quality wet underfloor heating suppliers and installers across the whole of the UK, finishing each flooring project with different types of screed upon request. Whether you have a commercial or domestic project in need of our services, we will be fully prepared to provide everything you need.

Contact us today and one of our members of staff will be waiting to discuss what you would like in the way of underfloor heating products, and any subsequent installation work you need us to carry out. We’ll take note of every specification so that our team can fit and install all your required purchases exactly as you have planned, allowing you to quickly move a little bit closer to finishing your project before your deadline.

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Why Pair a Screeded Floor with Underfloor Heating?

There is no better floor covering for a wet underfloor heating system than screed, owing to the fact that it allows for the greatest amount of heat transfer between pipes and flooring. This is achieved because, during the installation process, the screed will fill up all possible gaps, leaving no room for “air bubbles” that might disrupt the exchange of thermal energy when the pipes are warmed through by the water. As such, the heat transfers evenly across the entire floor space.

If you would like to learn more about underfloor heating and screed and what they can both do for your building or renovation work, please see our advice page.

Our Process for Installing Wet Underfloor Heating Systems

A worker installing underfloor heating system

When we are called to install underfloor heating pipes for a property, we will start by preparing the space you have available and identifying where the manifold for the system will need to be housed. Some pipework may pass through walls and doors as a result of this, if your plan covers more than a single room.

After this is done, our team will lay down the insulation before installing the manifold, which will be used to control the flow of warm water through the system. We will fix this manifold to the wall so that it remains level and so that the pipework can be fitted as you have intended without bending.

The pipework will be laid out once one of our specialist team members has finished installing the manifold. This part of the process involves preparing and securing each part, making sure it all stays in place when the eventual floor screed layer is installed over the top. The pipe layouts will then be connected to the manifold, before our team completes the UFH installation by flushing and filling the system for the first time.

Finishing With a Screed Floor

worker screeding indoor cement floor with screed

Laying a screed floor over the top of the heating pipes is the final step in our installation process. This is done to create a flat, smooth, completely durable surface that is both hardwearing and will remain easy to clean and maintain for many years to come. 

If you would like to learn more about our installation process for screed, or want more information on what its installation will bring to your project, get in touch with our company office. Our team will be fully prepared to answer any questions you may have.

Our Water Based Systems vs. Electric Underfloor Heating

We offer our customers hot water underfloor heating systems, rather than electric floor heating. This is because even though electric underfloor heating may apparently take less time to install, having a water-based underfloor heating system installed ensures the most thorough finish, as the pipes of a water system will need to be tested and the flow and pressure of the water will need to be adjusted. Doing this ensures that the system is working just as the owner expects, before it can be considered complete.

Once a wet underfloor heating system is up and running, it will also be more cost-effective for a homeowner to pay for through their bills than electric underfloor heating would be. This is because, due to the current energy tariffs, electricity is slightly more expensive than water.

Underfloor Heating Costs

a cat and a dog lying down on the floor

How much it will cost you to have underfloor heating pipes installed all depends on a number of different factors. Each of these factors will be discussed with you in depth when you decide that we are the team you need to supply and install screed and a UFH system that completes the practical uses of your project. 

We can say, however, that the most important factor in determining cost will always be the size of the floor space you need covered. Costs involved in the installation work may also vary, depending on the number of people needed to fit the system in the area planned out.

Because of these, the price of each of our installations across the UK will be calculated on an individual basis. This means we have no set prices offered anywhere on our website, but we are able to offer our customers the use of our Quick Quote system if they need an answer about prices as soon as possible.

You’ll be put in touch with one of our experts right away when you click through to use the tool, and they will be glad to assist you in calculating the cost of your own project.

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If you are in need of a fast, professional team of screed contractors and underfloor heating suppliers to finish a flooring project for any large commercial or domestic property, get in touch with Screed It today. We’ll come fully equipped with all the tools and equipment we need to get the job done, and our years of experience mean we have the skills necessary to provide you with the wet underfloor heating system that helps to complete your building or renovation work.

By choosing our service, you will always be guaranteed the flooring you’ve planned for your project, no matter where you are in the UK.