Liquid Screed

A self-compacting, flowing screed

Liquid screeds are self-compacting, which means you can apply less, but end up with a stronger floor when compared to traditional sand and cement mixes.

Compared to conventional floor-levelling methods, liquid screed is twice as efficient at conducting heat when used on top of an underfloor heating system.

Available in a variety of mixes to suit different floor depths and project specifications, liquid screed is quick to install and comes in faster drying variants for time critical applications.
With improved curing times compared to sand and cement screeds, liquid screed is made from up to 98% recycled materials and can be walked on just 24-48 hours after pouring, with a complete drying time of around 40 days. Can’t wait that long? Read more about our quick, fast and rapid drying screed options.

Are you planning an underfloor heating installation? If so, we’ll know exactly which screed is best for your project – Why not call us today?

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