Gypsol Rapide

A self-compacting, self-smoothing, fast-drying floor screed

Gypsol Rapide is a unique and highly innovative faster drying screed which uses high quality Gypsol anhydrite, specially graded sands and selected additives to create a free flowing selfcompacting and self-smoothing floor screed
which dries in a fraction of the time taken for more traditional anhydrite or cementitious screeds. This allows the user to install floor coverings in significantly less time than for competing screed systems.

Gypsol Rapide is self-curing and requires no artificial curing membrane after installation. The dimensional stability of Gypsol Rapide, whether heated or unheated, significantly reduces the risk of cracking without the
need for reinforcement and with much larger bay sizes when compared to cement based materials. Gypsol Rapide can be used in all construction types including traditional masonry, lightweight steel frame, timber frame and in high strength applications. Gypsol Rapide can be used with or without underfloor heating to create a highly energy efficient heating system.

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