Save time and money with a

pre-installation site survey

As with all construction works, preparation is key to ensuring installation quality, longevity and return on investment. When it comes to underfloor heating and screeding work, investigating the construction depth of the floor which, in turn, allows us to optimise the amount of screed and insulation we install. And best of all, if you choose Screed It to complete your installation, it’s completely free.

Here are just some of the benefits to having a site survey:

  • Accurate product specification according to your space and requirements
  • Careful calculations of optimum screed depth to enhance the performance of your underfloor heating
  • Subfloor survey to determine the exact construction depth required for the best finished results
  • Specific insulation requirements to minimise cost and maximise energy efficiency

How much does a site survey cost?

We charge for a detailed pre-contract site survey, which includes a full sub-floor report. The cost of your survey will be deducted off your final invoice if you choose to employ Screed It for the installation. To arrange your survey call 0121 241 6691