Floor Screeding for Customers throughout Leicester

floor screeding leicester

Serving customers throughout Leicester, Screed It has four directly-employed, highly-skilled installation teams, each with a daily installation capacity of:

  • Up to 1000m2 of liquid screed
  • Up to 100m2 of fully tested underfloor heating, screed & insulation

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Domestic and Commercial Floor Screeding Contractors

One of the most efficient and popular floor finishes that you will find, whether you are looking for domestic or commercial flooring, is screed. With its fast-drying properties and level, easily maintained design, it is perfect for anything from home kitchens, to warehouses, to retail and other public space buildings. This makes floor screeding in Leicester a recommended option, as this city is known for its array of shops and stores, as well as two large shopping centres and a wide range of industries also have a presence in the area.

If you have been looking for professional floor screeding in Leicester, whether you are based in Aylestone or Belgrave, get in touch with Screed It today. We are experts in this industry, with over a decade of experience in installing the finest quality screed floors on the market. This has helped us to build a reputation across the country, turning us into a name you can trust, which offers a service price that will not impact your budget.

Our Professional Floor Screeding Service

We help all our customers by overseeing fast, effective and long-lasting installations of floor screed in Leicester. Our highly trained and fully qualified team will plan and carry out the process from start to finish, keeping every part of the work to the excellent standards that we expect and you deserve. From preparing the area for the floor to be laid, to ensuring the installation is ready for any finishes you wish to add over the top at the end of the process, we will do it all, so that you can quickly move on to the next part of your work.

Our work will start when you call to discuss what you need, because we will help you form a plan for your worksite. After this stage has been completed, our team will be sent to help you get your work finished. We take great pride in our customer services and our staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is anything you would like to know before hiring us to carry out floor screeding in Leicester.

If you need an estimate for what your floor will cost, in order to help you plan your budget, we can also help here. Simply go to our “Quick Quote” page on this website and one of our team members will be able to work out a guide price for what you can expect to pay. This will be based on the area size of your planned floor, as well as the individual requirements of your project.

Our Types of Floor Screed in Leicester

We have a range of high quality floor screeds ready for those who need them in Leicester, whether you are looking to renovate a shop in the City Centre, place new flooring in a public building such as a hospital or university, or even to improve the flooring in your own home. Each mix is designed with its own advantages, and all are suitable for different property types.

Traditional Screed

floor screed leicester

Traditional sand and cement screed mixes are most popular with customers looking to finish housing projects, but can be used on any building site as needed. Laid by hand, it is an extremely workable material, and our team can quickly turn it into the durable, hardwearing floor that you have been looking for. At the end of the work project, you will have a strong, easily cleaned and maintained floor, which will be able to withstand high levels of foot traffic.

To learn more and to see if this type of floor screed in Leicester is the right option for your work project, contact us. We will be able to discuss what you need for your build before you place an order on any of our ready mixed screed.

Liquid Screed

Also known as “flow screed”, this flooring is both self-levelling and self-compacting, meaning that no extra labour will be required to smooth out the floor and less material will be needed to create a floor that is built to last. The floor will harden by itself, forming a surface which can be walked on within 24-48 hours of installation. Full drying time for this type of screed is estimated at around 40 days.

Flow screeds are also better conductors of heat, so we highly recommend that you take advantage of this benefit by pairing liquid screed domestic flooring with an underfloor heating system. To find out more about how to do this, as well as to learn about our underfloor heating services, get in touch with us today.

Fast Drying Screed

floor screed leicester

If it isn’t possible to wait 40 days for your screed flooring in Leicester to be completely dry, we can also offer you a fast-setting, quick drying screed that will speed up the process. Gypsol Rapide, which uses a mixture of specially graded sands, additives and the finest Gypsol anhydrite we have at our disposal, creates a free-flowing, self-levelling screed which also self-compacts. It dries in less time than other, more traditional anhydrite screeds, so that you will be able to continue with the rest of your work project in a shorter amount of time than expected.

To find out more about our fast drying screed, please see our page on this product. Alternatively, you can also contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Why Hire a Contractor for Floor Screeding in Leicester?

It is always recommended that you have a professional service carry out any floor screeding task for you, if you wish your floor to have a smooth finish and to be as durable as it needs to be. Having the correct tools and training is of utmost importance, because the work will take more time without them and may not be carried out correctly. If it is not carried out correctly, there is a chance that there could be structural damage in the future, which may even lead to you having to start the work over.

We have a team full of highly trained and qualified individuals, who will come to your site with all the tools and equipment necessary to carry out a floor installation to the high standards expected. We make and install every floor to the requirements of individual customers, so you will get the exact floor that you have asked for, when you choose our service.

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If you are in need of high quality, easily installed floor screed in Leicester or the surrounding areas, contact Screed It today. We can come to your site as soon as you need us, ready to deliver  and swiftly install your new screed flooring, whether it is for a warehouse, shop or residential property. 

We love what we do and we want our customers to be satisfied with the product they have, so we aim to provide everything you could possibly need in the way of screed flooring in Leicester. From the exact type of screed that will be ideal for your property, to features such as underfloor heating. We can bring it to you in no time at all, so get in touch and we can start preparing what you need.