Fast Installations of Hardwearing Floor Screed in Bristol

floor screeding Bristol

Screed It has highly-skilled installation teams who work in Bristol, each with a daily installation capacity of:

  • Up to 1000m2 of liquid screed
  • Up to 100m2 of fully tested underfloor heating, screed & insulation

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Installers and Suppliers of Liquid Screed in Bristol

Floor screeding Bristol

If you are in the market for a quick, professional floor screed installation in Bristol carried out by screed specialists , contact Screed It today. With over a decade of experience in handling many different screed floors in the BS postcode area, we know that we have all the skills, knowledge and equipment necessary to undertake the work for you.

We can be there whenever you need us, ready and fully equipped to help you meet, or even come in under, both your deadline and your budget. All you have to do is call or send us a message and our friendly team of qualified contractors and experts will be waiting to answer.

What is Floor Screed?

Floor screed is a cement-like material made from a mixture of cement, sharp sands and fine aggregates that is often applied to a concrete subfloor. As the consistency is not as thick or coarse as regular cement or concrete, it can often be poured right out to create a level floor finish which offers a smooth surface. It is often paired with underfloor heating, when homeowners choose to have it installed.

The Benefits of Installing Floor Screed in Bristol

There is a wide range of benefits available to those who choose to install floor screed in Bristol, the first (and arguably the most important) of which is that screed offers your project a smoother, more even floor as an end result. This makes it suitable for any stage you have planned next, whether you are intending to lay down carpets, floorboards or tiles. It even makes an ideal top surface if you are carrying out work in an industrial or commercial area such as a warehouse, because the level finish reduces the risk of tripping, thereby decreasing the chance of an accident. Because of the compounds used to create screed, it will also make your floors a more hardwearing and long-lasting surface than regular concrete or cement.

Liquid screeds in particular are useful for ensuring the floor is completely smooth, as they will level out by themselves once they have been poured. This then leads to further advantages, as no further work is required once the liquid has been installed. This minimises the amount of mess and disruption to the rest of your work, allowing you to move on with your building project and to keep to your deadline.

Screeds of all varieties also make excellent conductors of heat, owing to the fact that they fill up the space they are put into. This means that the material can be poured in around underfloor heating pipes with no gaps or spaces to disrupt the transfer of energy. Because of this, screeds are often installed with underfloor heating as an extra feature, in order to take advantage of this benefit. 

How We Screed Your Floors

The method we use to screed your floors in Bristol will depend on the type of screed you want installed. Each type we have has its own benefits and uses, so each is best suited to different types of projects.

Traditional Screeds

Also known as “dry screeds”, traditional sand and cement screeds are most often used on domestic projects, as well as some building and renovation work. This type of screed is laid by hand, so after we have divided your planned room into sections, we will apply the material to the area needed and smooth the layer out using a screed bar or rail. 

The work’s drying time will be about a week in most cases, and should result in a durable, even floor finish that can withstand high levels of foot traffic and will only need a minimal amount of maintenance to stay in perfect working order for a long time to come. To find out more about traditional sand and cement floor screed in Bristol, please get in touch with us today.

Liquid Screeds

Often called “flowing screed”, liquid screeds offer you a faster installation time for your work project, owing to the fact that they are both self-levelling and self-compacting. As such, our specialist screed contractors can swiftly deliver the ready mixed material and pour it into the designated areas with no fuss, while the compound materials work to create the long-lasting, level floor finish you need. 

This type of screed can often be walked on between 24 hours and 48 hours after it has been installed, with a complete drying time of 40 days. To learn more about the types of liquid floor screed we have available in Bristol, contact us and one of our dedicated team will be able to answer your questions.

Floor Screed Costs

The cost of screeding a floor in Bristol can often vary, depending on a number of different factors. These include the area size of the floor you need screeded, and if you are thinking of installing underfloor heating or adding any other features. Because of this, there is no fully set price for floor screeding in Bristol. However, to help our customers plan a budget for their work, we have a free, quick quote system available for use. 

To use our calculator, simply fill in the specifications of your project and leave your details with us. One of our expert members of staff will come back to you as quickly as they can with an estimate for the price of your work.

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If you have been looking for fast, efficient floor screeding in Bristol and you need the materials supplied, delivered and installed by a firm you know you can trust, call on Screed It to get the job done. Whether you need a new floor for a warehouse or large store in the Patchway and Cribbs Causeway area, or want to put the finishing touches on the renovations of a large house located anywhere from Ashton Gate to Westbury on Trym, we will be there in no time at all to get you the floor you need.

We love what we do, and we will do everything we can to see that your work is carried out to your exact specifications. Get in touch with us by phone or email today and we can discuss everything you need, before sending out our team to move your work onto the next stage even sooner than already planned.