Professional Installations of Traditional and Liquid Screed in Guildford

Laying of floor screed

At Screed It, we aim to offer specialist screeding services across the whole of the UK. As such, we’re always ready and waiting whenever a customer contacts us to supply and install traditional or liquid screed in Guildford. Wherever you are based in the GU1-4 postcode areas, we can soon be there to carry out a skilled installation that suits all your property’s needs.

Give us a call or send us an email today and we can arrange a day to come which best suits your schedule. Once you have placed an order for your own screed flooring, our contractors can ensure it will arrive and be placed exactly where you need it in a short amount of time.

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What is Floor Screed?

Floor screed is a building material usually made up of a compound of cement, sharp sands and fine aggregates. Together, these give it similar qualities to concrete or plain cement, and it is just as often used for flooring. This will normally be as a layer which is then added to a concrete subfloor, but it can also be used as a regular floor finish for certain structures. These include factories, warehouses and even larger dwellings.

The Benefits of Floor Screeding in Guildford

It’s only natural to wonder how your project will benefit from using screed instead of another material, and there are a number of answers that we can provide for you in return. Perhaps the most important of these is the smooth, more level surface provided for your flooring as an end result. This makes screed floors suitable for any further work you have planned, from tiling to laying down floorboards or carpeting.

You can also choose to leave screed exposed, which offers a practical advantage because the level finish minimises the risk of accidents. This can particularly be utilised for industrial flooring and other businesses. The components in screed also reduce the risk of shrinkage, meaning the floor will be less likely to crack or curl. In turn, this keeps the floor value-for-money, as it should remain in a good working condition for a long time.

All types of screed are fantastic conductors of heat as well, because the installation process prevents gaps or air pockets from forming. To make the most of this feature, you may also consider having an underfloor heating system installed alongside your screed, as this will allow for an even transfer of heat throughout. This makes it an eco-friendly feature  to install in a property as well, as it will allow any occupant to lower their thermostat and save money on energy bills.

How We Screed Your Floors

We have two types of screed products available to complete your floors, both of which are high in quality and can be used for a multitude of building projects. One may be more suitable for the work you have in mind than the other, so we would highly recommend considering both before placing your order.

Our process for screeding your floors will differ, depending on which type of screed you choose.

floor screeding

Traditional Screed

Also commonly called “dry screed”, traditional sand and cement screed usually consists of a ratio of 3 to 5 parts sharp sands and 1 part cement, alongside a measurement of water. This screed will be laid by hand by our team, with your floor being separated into evenly sized sections before the material is applied. A floor leveller, such as a screed bar or rail, will then be used to smooth out the surface and prepare it to dry for use.

Traditional screed floors will have a drying time of around five days in most cases, resulting in a completely flat, level and durable floor. This makes it suitable for flooring that will see high levels of foot traffic, and the simple design ensures it remains easy to clean and maintain.

Liquid Screed

This type is also called “flow screed” or “flowing screed”, owing to its liquid nature and the ability to pour it straight into any area you’re working on. It can quickly be brought to any building site because of this, and its self-levelling and self-compacting properties mean that contractors will not have to carry out any extra work after it has been poured. This creates a hard-wearing, level surface that is often ready to walk on between 24 and 48 hours after installation.

Overall, the full drying time for liquid screed is about 40 days. However, as it can be walked on in under half the time it takes traditional screed to dry, it’s often considered the faster, more efficient option when you need to move on and finish a project in time to meet a deadline. 

The Cost of Floor Screeding in Guildford

How much it will cost to screed a floor in Guildford depends on several different factors. These include the size of the area you’re intending to screed, the type of screed you wish to use and if you are planning on installing an underfloor heating system. Because of this, we cannot offer a fully set list of prices for our screeding services in the town.

We understand that this may be a cause for concern, as you had most likely been expecting to plan your screed floor straight into your budget. This is why we have a solution, in the form of our online quick quote system. All you will need to do to use this tool is put in your project’s specifications and leave us your details. One of our team will come back to you as soon as possible with a quote for everything you need.

Contact Us for Expert Screed Services in Guildford

We are committed to providing exceptional services for our customers, no matter where they are based in the UK. This is why we’ll do everything we can to ensure that you receive your traditional or liquid screed in Guildford, delivered and installed exactly as you need it. Get in touch with us today and one of our dedicated members of staff will be happy to discuss your project’s requirements, so you can swiftly move on to the next stage of your work as soon as possible.