Professional Underfloor Heating Contractors in Derby

Here at Screed It, we’re fully prepared to provide customers across Derby with the expert supply and installation of underfloor heating that they need for their work projects, finishing these floors with different types of screed upon request. When you need underfloor heating for any property you are preparing in the city, we’ll be ready to provide it.

Contact us today and one of our members of staff will be waiting to discuss what you need for your Derby work project and any subsequent installation work. We’ll make a note of everything you’ve got planned out in your specifications before our team arrives to fit and install the first-rate underfloor heating and screed combination that’ll see you move that little bit closer to finishing before your deadline.

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Supplying Underfloor Heating Systems Across Derby

We pride ourselves on a fine professional reputation and fast, efficient installations of water-based underfloor heating (UFH) systems in Derby. We aim to keep our standards high so that our customers are receiving exactly what they deserve in return, from the high-quality damp proof membrane and insulation used in the design to the careful fitting of the perimeter edge.

When you request an installation from us, we understand that any design work should reflect the needs of your project and the end results you have in mind. As such, you can expect to find the spacing and securing of your system’s pipes reflecting the requirements you’ve set out with us at the start of the process.

The screed floor finish that will be applied to complete your project will also be poured to the specifications you’ve already noted down with our team. This will keep the floor and system underneath it working to its utmost efficiency, and should ultimately offer heating that is around 25% more effective than standard radiators.

Why Screed and Underfloor Heating Go Hand-in-Hand

In terms of floor coverings, you won’t find better for any underfloor heating systems than screed. This is because the material offers a fantastic opportunity for heat transfer. This is owed to the fact that its installation process closes all possible gaps and “air bubbles” which might otherwise prevent heat from the underfloor heating pipes from transferring evenly across a floor space.

When we are called to supply and install screed for any Derby building or renovation project, there are two types of screed that our specialists may lay upon request. These are dry screeds (also called “sand and cement”) and liquid (or “free flow”) screeds, each of which have their own advantages for different types of building projects. If you’d like to learn more about underfloor heating and screed and what both may do for your building or renovation work, please see our advice post, which we have linked above.

Our Installation Process as an Underfloor Heating Company

When we install underfloor heating for a property, we will begin by preparing the space you have available and identifying where the manifold for the system will be housed. As a result, some pipework may be run through walls and doors, if your plans involve having the system running in multiple rooms.

After this stage is completed, our team will lay down the insulation before installing the manifold. This will be used to control the flow of the warm water through the system once it’s fully working. The manifold will then be fixed to the wall so it remains level, and so that the pipework can easily be fitted in the design you have planned without bending.

Once the manifold has been installed by one of our specialists it will be time to lay out the pipework. This part of the process will involve preparing it and securing each part so it will stay in place when the floor screed is installed over the top. The pipe layouts will then be connected to the manifold and this part of the process will be finished off by our team flushing and filling the system for the first time.

The last stage in the installation process will be to lay the screed flooring over the top of the pipes. This creates a flat, smooth, hardwearing layer that will remain perfectly durable and easy to clean for many years to come. If you’d like to learn more about our installation process or what our work can bring to your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our company office. Our staff will be glad to discuss the benefits of our service.

Costs for Underfloor Heating in Derby

How much it will cost to fit an underfloor heating design all depends on a number of different factors, each of which we’ll discuss with you when you first get in touch to book an installation and order your screed and UFH system. The most important factor, however, will always be the size of the floor space you have in mind for the work. Costs may also vary depending on the number of people needed to fit the system in the area you’ve got planned out.

Because of this, we price each of our booked installations on an individual basis. This means there are no set prices for what we do here on our website, but we can offer you the use of our Quick Quote system instead. This free online tool will put you in touch with one of our expert team members right away, and they’ll assist you in calculating the cost of everything you need for your floor space to be complete.

For More Information or to Book an Installation

If you’re based in Derby and in need of high-quality underfloor heating and floor screed that’s been professionally installed by a reliable, experienced company, contact Screed It today. Our team has the tools, skills, and all the supplies necessary to provide the wet underfloor heating system you need for any building or renovation project, no matter if it’s commercial or domestic.

You’re guaranteed the flooring you’ve had planned all along when you choose our service.