Professional Underfloor Heating Installation for the UK


There are many critical decisions to make during the specification and installation of an underfloor heating system. As such, it’s important to work with a contractor who can demonstrate that they have the knowledge and experience needed to carry the work out efficiently. In order to ensure that you are getting the high quality product you are expecting, you should always make sure that your underfloor heating installation is being carried out by a professional service.


At Screed It, we pride ourselves on carrying out swift, efficient water underfloor heating installations. Using only the finest available products, we have provided UFH systems for customers across the country and will be more than happy to help you fit the underfloor heating that you need to continue your work project. 


Get in touch with us today and we can discuss what you need for your wet underfloor heating installation, before our team arrives at your site to deliver and install the first-rate floor heating system that you have been looking for.

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Top quality heating systems skilfully designed, supplied and installed


We have a reputation for excellent practice and quick, efficient underfloor heating installation. From the quality of our damp proof membrane, to the careful fitting of the perimetre edge and the high standards of insulation, we aim to keep every aspect of our service at the standards our customers deserve. The spacing and securing of the wet systems’ pipes and the screed which will be poured to finish the project are also completed in accordance with laser measurements. 


We combine the latest underfloor heating technology with the experience and skill of our highly-trained installers to deliver beautifully even, heated and energy efficient floors that are designed and fit to last. Our water based systems of underfloor heating rank among the most durable and effective on the market because of their design. So, if you need a water underfloor heating system installed for a home or work project, book an installation with us. 


Carrying out wet underfloor heating installation


When we carry out a water underfloor heating installation, we will begin by preparing the floorspace and identifying where the manifold for the system will be housed. This may result in running some pipework through walls and doors, if you are planning on having the heating pipes running through multiple rooms of the property.


Once we have completed this stage, we will lay down the insulation for the wet underfloor heating, before installing the manifold, which will control the flow of warm water to the heating system. This will be fixed to the wall so it is level, and so that the pipes can be easily fitted without bending.


After the manifold has been installed, we will lay out the pipework to prepare it, securing it tightly so that it will stay in place when the screed floor covering is installed over the top. We will then connect the pipes to the manifold and finish this part of the process off by flushing and filling the system. 


The last part of the process will be to add a screed layer, in order to create a flat, smooth and durable floor that will remain easy to clean and maintain for many years into the future. If you would like more information about how we will carry out a wet underfloor heating installation for you, contact us today. Our staff are all fully qualified and more than capable of answering any questions or queries that you have.


Underfloor heating installation costs


How much it will be to install underfloor heating for your work project depends on a number of different factors. The most important of these is the size of the floor area you are planning on having installed, but can also vary depending on how many people are needed to fit the underfloor heating.


At Screed It, we do not set a price for how much it costs to install underfloor heating, as we understand that not every floor will be the same. Instead, we can offer you the use of our Quick Quote system, in which an expert member of our staff will assist you in calculating an estimated quote on how much your floor will cost per square metre. 


How we utilise Emmeti underfloor heating systems


There are many different types of underfloor heating systems on the market, and plenty of installers who will offer a variety of fitting and commissioning services. This can often make it hard to determine which is the right product and service for you. However, as a firm of experts in the business of carrying out underfloor heating installations, we know that we can help our customers in determining which wet underfloor heating will be best for the end results of their work project.


We believe in using only the best parts to assemble and fit underfloor heating for our customers. Rather than buying “off the shelf” underfloor heating packages, we use our bulk buying power to purchase Emmeti market-leading underfloor heating components at highly-negotiated rates.


Emmeti is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of brassware, and their products are ideal for the needs of our customers. They are experts in their field, with the standards and quality of their sold goods reaching far beyond what may be available from most national distributors. Every fitting they supply is drilled and tapped, rather than cast, and they offer chrome-plated brass manifolds as well. All the products they make are hard-wearing and can readily be obtained at short notice.


This last factor is an advantage for us and for our customers, as it means we can gather a supply of components from them quickly. In turn, this means that we will be able to supply them to a worksite in little time, which then translates into a faster installation. This combination of long-lasting products and a swift installation time will result in a project which can be completed sooner than you may have previously thought, as well as a floor which will stand the test of time.

underfloor heating installation
underfloor heating installation
underfloor heating installation

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If you are in need of professionally installed wet underfloor heating, which can be accompanied by a smooth and durable screed top layer, get in touch with Screed It today. We have all the tools, equipment and supplies necessary to carry out the wet underfloor heating installation you need, no matter if you are planning a domestic project or are in the final stages of completing a build for your work. Our expertise will be exactly what you need to get the job done.