Could rapid drying times be just around the corner?

There have been a number of notable research and product development achievements over the last decade which have shaped the screeding and underfloor heating markets. Largely speaking we are an industry driven by speed, precision and quality, fuelled by clients who need flat and flawless floors, fast.

Drying (or curing) times have been top of the agenda for a long time now and any manufacturer capable of bringing to market a product which can successfully draw the moisture out of screed, without affecting the quality of the finished product is sure to become the number one choice for contractors worldwide.

Speed is in the driving seat

It’s fair to say that while there are other variables in the product development mix (like sustainability and cost efficiency for example), it’s most certainly speed that’s in the driving seat.

Speed of installation and speed of drying are the two magic ingredients to laying screed. As a contractor, we can facilitate rapid effective installation by employing the best installers and using the highest quality materials, but when it comes to fast-drying, that’s down to the manufacturers.

Are we on the cusp of a drying time revolution?

Word on the grapevine is that one of the UK’s leading screed manufacturers is on the brink of bringing to market a resin primer capable of making screed ready to receive floor finishes after only around 3% of its moisture has evaporated.

Typically speaking a liquid screed is 97% – 98% water and cannot be covered until moisture levels are below 75%. If we’re talking time, homeowners, self-builders, housebuilders and national contractors will only have to wait one to two weeks before furnishing their new floor, compared to the usual two month wait time.

That saving of around six weeks could drive forward refurbishment and build projects at a serious pace, and we all know that in the construction market, time is money.

The new resin primer has been independently tested by two external laboratories and has been passed to the relevant accrediting bodies before being introduced to the market. Watch this space.


A hat trick of new roles

Strengthening our senior team for the good of our customers

Screed It has strengthened its senior team with a trio of new appointments and promotions, all designed to improve the service and installation experience for commercial and domestic customers.

Our decision to create a more robust team structure has already paid off, with April being our busiest month on record – completing an impressive 58 projects.

A new appointment

Mark Lloyd has been appointed Managing Director, and joins us from the distribution industry, bringing with him a substantial people management and business development skill set. Tasked with overseeing the day-to-day running of the business, Mark will nurture supply chain relationships, establish new routes to market and identify the latest products and technologies which will benefit our customers.


Our Financial Controller, Donna Powell, has been promoted to the board of directors. She has been an integral cog for our company for five years, and continues to display an unrivalled passion for business best practice and company growth.

Completing our trio is Tara Nichols, who has been promoted to a senior sales role after demonstrating a clear talent and commitment to customer service over her 12 months with the company.

Head honcho James says:

“Strengthening our senior team with the appointment of Mark and the promotion of Donna and Tara will allow us to more evenly delegate responsibilities throughout the team – giving each person the time and resources they need to excel in their role.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the three of them on their new roles and thank them for their continued hard work.”